"Little Creatures" was born out of my love for children and my passion for crocheting. Passion that only grew more since I became a grandmother. The "Little Creatures" are inspired by nature and everything around us.

They are made with love for the little ones, to help them in their harmonious development or to provide them with a multicolored friend, which they will remember fondly when they grow up.
The accessories or the clothes have secure grips, allowing the little ones to play, while stimulating their sense of touch and dexterity, trough various textures. 

The products are entirely handmade, with great attention to details, made of delicate yarns and anti-allergic silicone melana.  They can be easily washed by hand or in the washing machine without being damaged.


We have a very diverse range of products and colors, however we are always happy to create custom-made designs. 


I hope you like our products and find your next favorite friend in "Little Creatures".


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